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A delicious red sings out raspberry and plum flavours with a soft, smooth finish. A refined drop with soul, suited to dark corners and grooving late into the night.

  • Soft, smooth
Headphones Icon Green

Pairs perfect with
Soulful Jazz


This Rosé plays fresh strawberry and cherry flavours with a crisp, vibrant finish. When the beat drops, this is your go-to drop for any sunset soirée.

  • Crisp, vibrant
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Pairs perfect with
Mellow Chill

Sauvignon Blanc

Tropical aromas and light passionfruit notes with a crisp, elegant and fresh finish. A delicious drop, made for decadently chilled beats dancing under the stars.

  • Crisp, elegant and fresh
Headphones Icon Violet

Pairs perfect with
Funky House

Rosé Bubbles

Lively raspberry, red apple, and citrus notes with a long, well-balanced finish. The perfect drop for sunny, outdoor beats at picnics in the park or making mates in the VIP area.

  • Well-balanced
Headphones Icon Violet

Pairs perfect with
Picnic Pop